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If anyone agrees to that treaty, he should be arrested for treason. We the people without any veto or right to say no are going to be under Chinas and the WHO’S dictates! I know Biden is chomping at the bit to sign it, but it gives up our rights and freedoms to dictate what we want for care over to this lying( lied throughout the pandemic to us!) Chinese controlled and Fraudulent company. Please EVERYONE UNDERSTAND, THEY ARE TRYING TO DO AN END RUN AROUND OUR RIGHTS, THEY WILL TAKE EVERYTHING AWAY FROM US! JUST SAY NO, AND KEEP SCREAMING IT TO CONGRESS AND SENATE! Biden will sign, another reason for the damn Congress to IMPEACH THIS EVIL BIDEN NOW !

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The treaty needs no further scrutiny. It needs shredding and incineration.

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The UN and their mutant toady, the WHO, are “streaking" for the trash heap of history.

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The Chip Roy hearings on the upcoming WHO/UN agreements are a great idea but they need to be very clear about what exactly is happening. Although the issue of the Senate voting on a Treaty is critical and is the purpose of my organization No Treaty Medicine (as we discussed in a Dallas year before last), it is critically important to note the May vote is about amendments to the International Health Regulations agreement. The power to amend the IHR rules has already been granted under the original agreement. NO SENATE APPROVAL IS NEEDED TO APPROVE THE IHR AMENDMENTS. SENATE APPROVAL FOR THE SEPTEMBER TREATY SHOULD BE REQUIRED, ALTHOUGH THE LAW IS AN ARBITRARY CONCEPT TO THIS ADMINISTRATION. It critical to realize that there are two separate agreements under consideration. Both are terrible. The only way out is to EXIT THE WHO which won't happen under this Administration. And plan for the worst. Great job Dr. McC. You look good on your new diet.

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Americans truly need to understand what the UN and WHO are and who funded them and how they began and what their ultimate goals are. These are not benevolent organizations ran by those who seek the greater good for mankind. This is collectivist evil with unquenchable thirsts for power. Who proposed the league of nations and why? We need to understand the history of these globalist cabals and realize where they want to take things. There's a reason the West is being flooded with illegal invasions in the US and Europe - it weakens countries and destroys cultures. Who's pushing this destruction?

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Spring time is for LAWN SIGNS!

I have one in mind ...SCREW THE WHO & WEF TOO!

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With 2024 ELECTION INTEGRITY…Trump can get back in and defund the WHO, UN,etc since the American government funds all this garbage! Without our funding these organizations would NOT exist!

Why do you think Trump wanted to withdraw American funding from these dangerous organizations for all humanity???

Time to stop talking and do something real for your country!

Here is something that matters most in America for 2024…


America falls then so does the world!!!

Please help!

Please help with this critical ELECTION INTEGRITY project that will directly impact all future elections, beginning with 2024!

NEEDED…smart awake citizens to help with this critical 2024 project!

We need ALL hands on deck ASAP!

Thank you and God Bless any citizens willing to help on THE MOST IMPORTANT 2024 ELECTION INTEGRITY PROJECT!

Contact ASAP here to join us…Northamericanlawcenter@gmail.com

Shouldn’t everyone who is able want to work on a 2024 project in America to help restore…


You will be standing with the best!!!

P.S. Would love all Mother and Father, ALL Grandmother and Grandfather LIONS to report for patriotic duties!

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Dear Dr. Mccullough,

I've been doing a deep dive for four years into exactly what is happening to people right now. Please read to the end. This is important.

What I think I understand now is that it is not the human itself that breaks down the food we eat, but rather the symbiotes that colonize within our digestive system. They start to colonize from infancy. All living organisms on the planet utilize symbiosis for survival. There are three types of symbiotic relationships; mutualistic, communalistic and parasitic. A healthy digestive flora is filled with mutualistic and communalistic symbiotes that keep all our systems functioning in a healthy state. They are able to break down complex molecules and send signals to many different systems within the body: endocrine, hormonal and immune to name a few. When that healthy flora colony becomes damaged it allows opportunistic parasites to move in and flourish. ●The parasite itself changes the state of the body to a hypoxic state and changes the metabolic pathways towards glycolitic.● Both of these adjustments benefit the parasite and drive the host to crave simple sugars, which are easily digestible by the parasites. The parasites flourish under these conditions. This creates many disease states. Parasitic infections also increase IgG4 levels.

(Maybe the increasing injections destroyed the good symbiotes, we know it completely wiped out bifidobacterium. Do the parasites induce elevated IgG4 to escape immune destruction? Is it the spike the IgG4 is tolerating, or the parasites?)

The facts I listed above are currently indisputable and backed by scientific understanding and observation.





^^^"IgG4 antibodies inhibit clearance of tumor cells or the invader, respectively, in melanoma or helminthic infections."

I think we should start testing the digestive flora of the people suffering current disease states for parasites. Long covid, hiv, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Autism, chronic fatigue, lupus. All these disease states have two things in common; hypoxia and a glycolitic metabolic pathway. Both of these states are induced by parasites to benefit themselves to the detriment of the host.

The human being is a walking, talking terrarium. We cannot see the terrarium, so we are not aware when it becomes damaged and attribute parasitical disease states to other causes. I believe it is why fasting works. It's why the carnivore diet works. It's why the keto diet works. These interventions starve the parasites of the simple sugars they need to stay alive.

I think the goal of treatment protocols should be to restore the digestive environment to one that is beneficial to colonization of mutualistic and communalistic symbiotes and not to parasites.

Anything ultra processed will feed the parasites. Anything as close to natural as it comes will feed the mutualistic and communalistic symbiotes. I think there must be a variety of food stuffs full of living organisms, though. I don't think the fasting, carnivore or keto diets have it completely correct.

Perhaps a treatment with anti-parasitics. (Perhaps that is why Ivermectin works so well for so many disease states.) Followed by a diet plan that includes living fruits, vegetables, herbs and botanicals; fresh meats and dairy; and aged/fermented foods to establish a healthy digestive flora. These foods are full of living organisms that are beneficial in establishing a colony of healthy symbiotes in the digestive system.

I think this is the way.

"Every person is a collective, a vast and complex gathering of interdependent life. Any description of ‘human’ must acknowledge these intimate strangers. Our bond with microbes is such that they are not so much riders, parasites, and assistants as part human. And we, it’s becoming increasingly clear, may need to begin thinking of ourselves as part microbe."

~Guy P. Harrison

Thank you for your time and consideration. And for all you do to move the scientific debate forward. If you would like to discuss any of this further, don't hesitate to reach out.


Angela Rhoten

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When are we going to quit paying taxes? Damn near every dime we give them finances many different ways to murder us and our loved ones and we ain't doing shit about it.

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Feb 6·edited Feb 6

Well, who is to blame for that? This has been going on for years and congress doesn't give a hoot if the country surrenders its sovereignty to a bunch of murderous anti-human parasites (WHO). I guess it's more important to give away tax dollars to lost causes like the Ukraine and ME. They are more worried about Trump's alleged indiscretions and he hasn't been in office for over 3 years. Congress, you are to blame 100%, as always. Do your freaking jobs for once.

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We know where project ‘warp speed’ got us… now they’re messaging there’s a need to rush to approve this…

Same tactics

Different day

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As far as I can tell, the WHO treaty will force the COVID-19 playbook on the world permanently, but will be even worse, as it takes the human right to decline vaccines away. It is tyranny and huge profits for Big Pharma on a global scale forever. It will be enforced and used in the US to control the population that wants free and fair elections and other things our politicians hate.

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The treaty is unconstitutional in the USA. It is astonishing that it has progressed this far. What future generations may not forgive would be any people who voted to ratify this globalist piece of &#%@.

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Last I heard, the agreement had been downgraded from a "treaty" to an "accord," whatever force of law that may or may not carry. I take that as a good sign that the broadly unpopular treaty is facing lots of opposition.

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This is diabolical. Canada’s kakistocrat Trudeau could have helped draft this travesty! Abortion has been legally provided for years at tax payers’ expense. Included is every other abomination like gender reassignment, parental rights removed, euthanasia (increased deaths in 2023 by approximately 16,000), forced covid vaccinations that are still being recommended. And more.

It is hard to fight totalitarianism when voters made it possible.

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